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Durban Newborn Photographer – Newborn Safety

I wish to talk about something that is close to my heart and this is newborn photography safety. Some people who take photos of newborns prop the baby up and hope that it does not topple over before the photo is taken. Newborn babies are not props or dolls and their safety should never be compromised! This applies to mothers taking photos of babies at home as well as professional photographers.

The safety of a newborn baby is paramount and if we cannot take a photo safely WE WILL NOT TAKE THE PHOTO irrespective of how cute it may look. Under no circumstance will we put a baby at risk. It is all too easy to try and avoid the extra Photoshopping by propping the baby up and hoping it does not topple over before the shot is taken.  There is obviously a great deal more time needed to crop or clone out a mothers hands while supporting the newborn but we will not take any shortcuts if this will put the baby at risk.

I have attached two before and after shots from our last newborn photo session to illustrate my point. In both instances the mother is holding the baby securely at all times and beanbags are positioned close to the baby as an extra security measure.

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